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Oct 1, 2012 8:30pm EDT
with civil rights of the '60s. >> host: john is from illinois now. john is an independent. hi there. >> caller: hi. mr. johnson, the only problem i have is about the tax issue. and the reason why it's like -- the reason why i say that is, our taxes in this country have never been set at actually to be fair. what they were set up for originally was that the rich were supposed to pay the majority of their taxes in federal taxes, and the working class and the poor were supposed to pay most of -- the majority of theirs in home owners taxes, city and state taxes. and that has been all -- it's got everything out of sorts. my problem with what everybody calls a fair tax is, when you're on a fixed income, and these states are going to have to have such a high tax rate because the federal government is going to have such a lower one, that when anybody that is on a fixed tax rate goes in and buys a refrigerator, they cost $400, the lowest one they can buy, they have about $100 tax on the refrigerator. that is the problem. and the only ones it's going to hurt is people that are retired, people
Oct 2, 2012 8:00pm EDT
leadership. can john boehner at the time is running for reelection of its leaders say, i'm going to make a deal with barack obama to include retracting? >> that's a good question. so i was informed recently of a conversation that a leading plater on tax, who is now on k street, but his background is more on the democratic side with the counterparty on the republican side. the conversation will have to cave on taxes because john boehner can't move his caucus before january 1st, but once he gets really did that is what will have to happen. i think for many of us, we see this as a prescription to never get anywhere. the hope is that after the election the discussion proceeds in such a fashion that there can be agreement in december. but i think the very point you mentioned is one of the reasons why i believe it is more likely that we would get a deal in january than in december for precisely the point you just mentioned about honor and the elections and house. the mac let me broaden the elections. i should state more clearly. the bottom-line question is what does it take the house republica
Sep 27, 2012 8:00pm EDT
of a sensational trial had a lot of allegations about judge john walker to district court judge tried to publicize, getting shut down after trying to do that and questions to the propriety of sitting on the case for how he managed to the case. he ultimately ended up coming down to no great surprise is a very broad ruling, finding basically same-sex marriage was mandated by the constitution, so not merely -- [inaudible] >> the right to same-sex marriage. [laughter] that states must under the protection clause allow for same-sex marriage cursor destroy would be brought. if he is right, every state now cannot define their marriage only between a man and a woman. the ninth circuit took that case and came up with a much more narrow ground of which it looks to me as also uniquely tailored to appeal with justice kennedy. judge reinhardt broke a two to one decision upholding it and he basically says, we are not even going to address whether this is a rational basis scrutiny as a matter of itself, but once you have a state where there is a law that already says it's on the books that says you eliminate tha
Sep 28, 2012 8:00pm EDT
, you blame the president for congress. i didn't hear you say anything about john boehner. since when does business every guarantee? business is always a risk. so if you're not willing to take the risk, let someone else do it who's willing to take the chance. >> guest: yes, i think there is a lot to go around in terms of congress. you know, john boehner, the speaker of the house also should be providing later shipped to ensure the deal gets done. any mention of bob woodward wrote. i believe rob woodward has interviews with john boehner and the president on how last summer we were all complaining about the debt ceiling debate and it just fell flat. once again is that americans pay in the balance while these guys fight about the amount of taxes were going to pay any amount of spending were going to see. again, here we are one year later waiting for this fiscal class. now in terms of apple, apple has been a very successful company and it makes products people want. but let's not forget something. apple is sitting on some $40 billion of cash on the balance sheet. much of that money is ove
Sep 25, 2012 8:00pm EDT
. the republican party has done, george w. bush, karl rove, john mccain, let's reach out to hispanics and it has become a party that mitt romney -- well, he says that arizona as a model, the dream act that he has a radical policy prescription, health deportation, the idea of making life miserable here and immigrants are little encouraged . this lurch to the right, that strategy means, if you point out in your excellent paper, really, the southwest is out of reach for them in a large part because of this. they are pulled out of new mexico. they had a shock in colorado and nevada. if the turnout is high among latinos, it is not much of one. essentially, the romney strategy has been the economy. cuban-americans in florida, in hopes that we can have just enough of them, because maybe that will be the check, the problem is that even the hispanic electorate has changed. the fastest growing group is the non-latino immigrants who is a litmus test issue. we have part of the latino electorate at stake in a book about all this? would he make of all this? do think this is correct? >> let me just say that i
Sep 24, 2012 8:30pm EDT
's degree in the law and economics, and master's degree in public administration at the john kennedy school at harvard university. he became, a supporter of the party for the national action party becoming the president of the youthful organization and in the late 90's he became its president. before the 2006 election as president of mexico he served as a deputy in mexico's federal chamber of deputies and of the secretary of energy. and he will leave office in december remember as the president who built the most universities, 96. 16,000 kilometers of highways, the bridge that connects mexico's coast providing faster access and therefore more efficient trade. and the passage of the first employment act which provides incentives for the companies to hire people just entering the workforce. he also faced the daunting challenge of the violent spawn by the drug cartels that left 50,000 people dead. the poll taken this past august showed his approval rating of about 64%. we are so honored to have the president of mexico here with us. and mr. president we welcome you to the podium and look forwar
Sep 26, 2012 8:00pm EDT
and identify yourself when used pete. i see one over there. and one over here. >> john hot dense, thank you for recognizing this piano. i would like to ask a question to fadel lamen. i remember you giving a speech two months ago with the aftermath of the elections. do you see the role that i haven't really hurt hurt to mention that? and actually threatening the situation and libya and also, -- [inaudible] do you think is going to be up to a challenge to breach the gap between security situation now and the relations with the u.s.? >> let me take another one here and apply to all of them. >> and from the university of maryland. it seems that gadhafi was gone until the events of a few weeks ago. have we invested in soft culture, say like movies or music or business or ngos, especially getting to the local level because he made mention the social culture has no opportunities whatsoever to get into smuggling and drug stuff. have you been in all of this in gadhafi left? could we have resented the events of the embassy? >> okay, let's open it up. he's looking at you. >> very quickly, gadhafi's ka
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7